Best Badminton Racket

Developed by Yonex Japan, the Yonex Nanoray NR10 is a badminton racket that can be rivaled by less than a handful of competitor products. This is inline with the set of features that make up this unique racket. Read more at

The first thing you’ll notice once you buy this racket is how thoughtful Yonex Japan is. They include a protective sleeve for the badminton racket! I mean, racket bags are seen more commonly among professional level badminton players but for the leisure-oriented, amateur and even intermediate players, this included sleeve is really appreciated.

One thing to keep in mind is that the protective sleeve is a 3/4 racket cover and does not cover the racket’s handle (covers the head and shaft only). If this feature does not suit you, a full racket cover is always available at any sports store.

Unlike most rackets, the Nano Ray comes pre-strung straight from the Yonex factories. The string used is a the custom Yonex string which is both light and tough. This is a great time saver as you can start playing badminton immediately you unpack the racket from the cover. Also, this feature makes it easier for amateur players to begin playing without the hassle of learning to string their rackets, keeping in mind the need to learn the appropriate tension levels, before even playing the sport.

The shaft on this racket is quite unique in that it is made up of a combination of Graphite and a Nano mesh which is referred to as a Carbon Nano-Tube. This provides the racket with a certain level of strength and slight flexibility under strain to offer a controlled swing while playing badminton.

Tipping the racket scales at a weight range of 80-85g, this racket provides any amateur player the ability to reproduce fast and controlled swings. This is good for building confidence in new players and an easy way to learn a decent badminton playing form while learning the game.

The Nano ray 10 sports a revolutionary isometric head (read: square-ish). This coupled with the Yonex string on the pre-strung head creates the perfect feature set for optimum repulsion when a player strikes the shuttlecock. This, in my experience, provides the player with pro-like skills once they properly learn a decent playing form.

This racket offers a balanced feel when held normally. This proves that extra care was taken by Yonex to ensure that every badminton player will be able to confidently use this racket as part of their striking arms for efficient game-play.

Due to its overall lightness, this racket will ensure that unnecessary injuries are avoided. Wrist injuries are among the reasons why new players drop this beautiful sport but this sport will ensure that they enjoy the game to the point of intermediate mastery — a point at which they might consider going pro!

Whether you are planning to pursue badminton as a sport or just a leisure activity, this racket will help you improve your game-play within a short period of time.